Charity Brompton


This is the second year I’ve built a charity Brompton for Christmas – starting with an old bike kindly donated by Jon Oates, I repainted the frame and rebuilt it with all-new parts, then auctioned it – it raised £800 for Medicins Sans Frontiers! This bike had mostly normal modern Brompton parts, but with a 5-speed Sturmey rear hub and Brooks saddle and grips. Continue reading “Charity Brompton”

Rail Incident Response Stretcher

Winner of the Safety category in the Rail Partnership Awards 2018!


The Rail Incident Response Stretcher is a folding stretcher designed to run on a rail track, to make incident response safer, faster, and more dignified. Used by two personnel, the stretcher can be quickly unfolded and wheeled to the incident, but it is light enough to be carried by one person and small enough to stay in the boot of a car. Continue reading “Rail Incident Response Stretcher”