Culture Hybrid


The hybrid electric version of R&M’s Culture bike has a very tidy crankset-mounted Bosch electric motor – the motor is low and central, and because it drives the back wheel through the same chain and gearing system as you do, it has all the advantages of variable gears instead of one fixed motor speed. The Lithium Ion battery is mounted under the rear carrier – out of the way, yet easy to remove to take indoors for charging.

The Culture Hybrid can have a derailleur gearing system, or it can have a fully enclosed chain drive with NuVinci or Rohloff gearing. it still has a light and comfortable full suspension aluminium frame of course.

Culture Hybrid DualDrive – 300Wh batt, 24-spd gears – £3375 Add to your basket
Culture Hybrid NuVinci
– 300Wh batt, variable gears – £3375 Add to your basket
Culture Hybrid NuVinci Harmony –
400Wh battery, auto transmission – £3725 Add to your basket
Culture Hybrid Rohloff –
400Wh battery, 14-spd hub – £4585 Add to your basket

The Hybrids come in black , white or blue-grey (not red any more!), all with a 46cm or 55cm frame. Let me know what you want 😉


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