Transporter Hybrid

Transporter 4 med

The blueLABEL Transporter Hybrid E-bike has an elongated frame and special transport luggage rack with which one can carry a lot: four panniers or two child seats behind one another, two drink crates or a week’s worth of shopping.

Transporter 1 med

Equipped with a reliable Bosch electric motor system, heavy duty rear load carrier and NuVinci continuously variable transmission, the Transporter makes the school or shopping run much easier 😉

Transporter_2 med


Transporter Hybrid – 300Wh battery, NuVinci drive £2415 Add to your basket

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  1. Roger Bourgein says:

    Ben, very interested in this Transporter hybrid! Im guessing it would be the ideal adjunct to a Town Crier in full robes, hat and 5kg bell!

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