Aluminium Rohloff Brompton


A rare conversion, this aluminium-framed version of the Brompton was made by Merc I think. I replaced the very worn frame bushes, and fitted disc brakes and Rohloff hub.



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7 Responses

  1. Dayna says:

    So what’s it weigh? I presume the front stem, front fork and rear triangle are steel?
    Has an aluminium frame reduced its load-bearing capacity?
    Is there more flex in the ride? Or there’s no noticeable difference?
    It’s a pretty striking B. Love your work

    • admin says:

      It weighed pretty much the same as a standard steel Brompton! Aluminium is lighter, but you have to use a lot more of it and can’t triangulate the frame like a diamond frame.

  2. Ike says:

    Ki, I think the rear frame looks different. Is that one of yours?

  3. Neil Dewhurst - Lyon France says:

    If I well understand, this is a home made Brompton clone. Others who have commercialised Brompton clones have regretted it: the Brompton silhouette is a registered trademark. Bicycle designs featuring both the chararcteristic curve of the main tube and the characteristic cable routing are definitely off-side.
    Perhaps it would be interesting to see a stainless steel Brompton, especially now that mararging tubing for bicycles have become widely available (Reynolds 953) – perhaps Brompton could be persuaded to make them officially?

  4. Hdhchdh says:

    Has there ever been a carbon Brompton?

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