imageBromptons are great – and from the factory they’re perfect for what they’re designed for, short journeys around the city. But the Brompton design is capable of a lot more, with some modifications it can become the ultimate folding bike! Think of it like what Cooper did for the Mini – taking a very good bike, and improving it a bit 😉

I make a bunch of kits that can be bolted on to your existing Brompton to improve the gearing and brakes, or I can custom-build you a Brompton from scratch.

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  1. myron melnarik says:

    Hi. Will your 8 speed conversion fit a 1995 vintage Brompton?

    • admin says:

      It’ll be a bit of a squeeze because bikes of that age are 112mm not 115mm – but it will go, or you can bend your frame slightly to suit.

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