Brompton Alfine Kits


Shimano Alfine hub gears can be fitted to a Brompton, using my custom rear triangles – you can have an 8-speed or 11-speed with an optional disc brake. I also make the rear triangles with an optional integral rack.

The Alfine is a good intermediate step between the Sturmey 8-speed and the ultimate Rohloff.

The kit includes a complete new rear wheel, new rear frame* in a colour of your choice, new chain tensioner, gear shifter, and fittings. Depending on your Brompton, you might need a new chainset and/or chain, I can supply these if needed.

Because my new rear frame is disc-ready, you can upgrade the brakes easily later – the hubs have a centrelock fitting to take a brake rotor. I offer two disc options, the mechanical BB7 (reasonably powerful, simple to service) and the hydraulic Hope Race X2 (very light, very low maintenance, very powerful).

Alfine 8-speed Kit – £725 Add to your basket
Alfine 8-speed Kit, integral rack – £815 Add to your basket

Alfine 11-speed Kit – £795 Add to your basket
Alfine 11-speed Kit, integral rack – £885 Add to your basket

Cable Disc Brake Add-on (Avid BB7) – £75 Add to your basket

Hydraulic Disc Brake Add-on (Hope Race Evo X2) – £195 Add to your basket

It’s also possible to have the slim Jtek thumbshifter instead of the bulkier Rapidfire shifter – especially good for the M-type bars.

Add Jtek 8-speed shifter – £50 Add to your basket
Add Jtek 11-speed shifter – £70 Add to your basket

Or you can have the Di2 electronic shifting, with a very neat little switch and handlebar display.

Add Di2 – £500 Add to your basket


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  1. Adam says:

    Am interested in the Alfine. Please could you tell me the gear ratios for the 8 and 11 speed.

    • admin says:

      I normally fit a 50t chainset and 18t rear cog which gives:
      Alfine 8: 24″ to 74″
      Alfine 11: 24″ to 99″
      The rear cog has to be 18t, but the chainset can be 44t or 54t to move the ratios up or down.

      In comparison, the normal Brompton 3-speed has ratios from 44″ to 79″, and the BWR 6-speed has ratios from 33″ to 99″.

  2. Macadam says:

    I bought an Alfine 11 Brompton which is mervelous.
    Here’s a complete topic (in French) about this fabulous bike

  3. Macadam says:

    Several improvements are planned soon: fork, Disc brake, chain tensioner, DI2…..
    So check the link each month.

  4. kang says:

    can i change to alfine di2 11 speed?

  5. Macadam says:

    Hello Kang,

    You need to make the choice Alfine Di2 or Alfine with Rapidfire shifter when you purchase the bike.
    It’s not possible to improve the Alfine with Rapidfire shifter to Di2 because it’s not the same hub.
    The Alfine version with Rapidfire shifter use the SG-S700 hub which contains an internal spring to tight the cable.
    The Di2 version use the SG-S705 hub which doesn’t contain this spring (otherwise the spring will oppose to the electric motor). You can recognise it with it’s blue strip.
    It’s the same thing when you purchase a new car: you need to make the choice between a mechanical or an automatic gearbox.


  6. jing says:

    Hi Ben,
    i am interested in the Alfine 11 kit with integral rack for my Brompton.
    Will the additional width of the rear triangle affect the fitment on my B&W hard case?

    • admin says:

      It depends what else you have – on its own, there’s not much difference. If you get disc brakes as well, then you might need to cut away a bit of the padding to cope with the extra width. It also depends which shifters you get – the JTek ones take up less space especially on the M-type bars.

  7. Foong WeiSheng says:


    May I know what is the Di2 Kit come with for GBP500?

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