Nickel Plated Brompton

An interesting, and quite difficult job this one – this frame was stripped and nickel plated to give a beautiful finish.


With red Rohloff hub gear and Hope hub at the front, and disc brakes.




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6 Responses

  1. Can’t believe you rebuilt it with the original horrible plastic wheels though!

  2. MikeP says:

    That is a really neat looking Brompton!

  3. The back triangle, was customized from scratch , or just the part to accomodate the Rohloff hub and the disc brake ?
    The fork as well ?
    Are there any more detailled photos of the disk side of the fork ?

    • admin says:

      Both the back triangle and the forks are completely custom made – I’ve got lots of other pictures of other disc brake Bromptons, have a look in the Brompton category on the website.

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