Retrofitting S&S BTCs

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Retrofitting S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings

I’ve been fitting BTCs for over 15 years, and I can fit BTCs to most frames – I’ve converted conventional diamond frames, tandems, recumbents and tricycles. The requirements are that the frame be steel, have round top and down tubes, and that the tubing is not too thin (this is generally not a problem). BTCs come in a large range of sizes from 3/4” to 2” so almost anything’s possible.

Frame S&S

For a bare frame, the door-to-door service includes:

  • Collection of your stripped-down frame*
  • Fitting of the BTCs
  • Supplying a set of cable separators (two gear and one brake)
  • Shipping back to you
  • All for £495

To arrange, click the button to place an order, and I’ll get in touch to arrange the best time to collect your frame. At the moment, turnaround is about three weeks.

Fitting of BTCs to a bare frame – £495 Add to your basket

Fitting the couplings removes the paint for about 3-4” either side of the coupling, so the frame will need to be repainted – I can arrange to have it powdercoated by a good local company who know how to deal with the BTCs. They can manage most colours, just let me know the RAL colour. The same service, including a single colour powdercoat, is £575. This adds about a week to the turnaround time.

Fitting of BTCs to a bare frame with repaint – £575 Add to your basket

*You can leave on the tricky bits, like the bottom bracket and headset – I’ll remove them for painting if necessary and put them back on for you. If you’re getting the frame repainted, don’t forget to send me the forks for repainting to match 😉

Pino S&S
Tandem fitted with S&S BTCs

More complex jobs, like this Pino tandem (above, with two large couplings) or conventional tandem (left, with six couplings) are not a problem – get in touch for a quote.

Some more examples:

S&S raleigh frame
S&S thorn frames

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