Second Hand Pedersen with Pinion, Belt Drive, Discs

This is a pretty rare bike! It’s a German-made Kemper Pedersen, with 18-speed Pinion gearbox gearing, belt drive, and hydraulic disc brakes – a fascinating combination of a Victorian bike design and modern technology.

Pedersens have an amazing space frame design, inspired by the Forth Bridge – the hammock saddle is tensioned with cables and springs, it’s marvellously comfortable!

There is some adjustment in seat height, but it’s designed around someone who’s about 5’9″ to 6’3″ in height at a guess. Best to come try it out if you can.

It’s about 6 years old, and has been very well looked-after – the paint is perfect, there’s a few scuffs to the stickers and the leather handlebar ends are a bit scuffed from leaning up against things.

Looking for offers around £2500.

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