Nihola Family Trike

Mom_with_kids_04Nihola’s Family Trike is perfect for carrying children and shopping or schoolbags. The front cabin can hold 100kgs, and two children up to 7 or 8 years old can fit onto the bench seat.

Alternatively, the bench will even sit an adult, and a baby carry cot can sit in the bottom of the cabin. Or you can remove the bench seat completely for more space – if you need to carry lots of shopping or make a recycling trip.

The cabin is structural, made out of a tubular steel cage. The panels are tough ABS, able to stand up to knocks. The steering on the Nihola is clever – it’s proper Ackerman-geometry centre-point steering, just like a car, so is very stable. Twin front drum brakes are powerful, and there’s a rear brake as well. A sealed 8-speed Nexus hub gear is reliable, and the gears can be changed when stationary – very helpful with a heavy load onboard.

Technical Specifications

  • Total length: 2 metres
  • Total width: 89 cm/85 cm with turned front wheels
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Max. load: 100 kg + rider
  • Height from cabin floor to rain hood: 104 cm
  • Height from child bench to rain hood: 78 cm
  • Transport box height: 50 cm
  • Max. width in cabin: 62 cm
  • Max. length in cabin: 88 cm

The Family Trike with rain cover is £2275 – lots of other options are available, including electric assistance for the hills.

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