3rd Eye make a couple of clever head-mounting mirrors – one with a sticky pad to attach to your helmet, and one which clips onto any pair of glasses. Both have a small mirror mounted on a ball-and-socket joint.

Add to your basket 3rd Eye helmet-mount – £15
Add to your basket 3rd Eye glasses-mount – £15


Heads Up – made of bendy plastic so it’s easy to adjust, the Heads Up fits to any glasses frame, and can be removed in seconds.
£13 Add to your basket

ViewPoint – mounted to the lens of your glasses, the Viewpoint is very discreet. It’s ball-and-socket joint lets you adjust the view, and it’s sticky pad won’t damage your glasses. £10 Add to your basket

Busch & Muller Cyclestar mirrors are very solidly-made and very adaptable.

They all have the same round convex mirror, which is practically unbreakable and attached with a ball-and-socket joint to a choice of different stalks.

The stalks are all made out of steel for strength, and have another ball-and-socket joint where they attach to the mounting bracket. Two mounting brackets are included, for attaching around the handlebar or inside the end.

Also available is a bar-end-only mirror, which is very compact…

Add to your basket Cyclestar long stalk – £15
Add to your basket Cyclestar short straight stalk – £15
Add to your basket Cyclestar short curved stalk – £15
Add to your basket Cyclestar bar-end – £13

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