Croozer Child Trailers


Croozer trailers are designed by Zwei plus Zwei, the European Chariot distributors, so they know a bit about trailer design. The bucket seats are very well suspended from the aluminium upper structure, and the steel lower frame and bumper make them very tough. The 5-point harness is secure, there’s a mesh screen with a clear plastic roll-down cover, and the whole trailer packs flat for storage.

Two models are made – the two-seater Kid For 2 (above) and the single-seat Kid For 1 (below). Both come complete with bike towing arm, handlebar, brake, flag, single 16” stroller wheel and 12” buggy wheel. There’s also Plus versions of both, with suspension on the wheels for extra comfort.


Croozer Kid For 2 – Green – £570 Add to your basket

Croozer Kid For 2 Plus – Blue – £760 Add to your basket

Croozer Kid For 1 – Green – £520 Add to your basket

Croozer Kid For 1 Plus – Blue – £710 Add to your basket

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