outside shop 1Over the years, I have owned and ridden quite a few velomobiles, and the Alleweder is definitely my favourite – being aluminium it is tough and any dents can be simply hammered out. It’s also easy to get in and out, there’s plenty of storage space, and it also has full suspension.

Besides that, I just like the aesthetics, and it’s relatively cheap 😉

Why a velomobile?

They’re faster, especially on the flat, because of the fairing – which also keeps you a lot warmer and dryer in bad weather.

They have lots of luggage capacity without adding panniers – just chuck stuff in, it’s not going to fall out.

They have a lot of road presence – cars don’t ignore you!

The Alleweder is a part-monocoque design – there is no chassis, there are various frame members and the skin itself is an important part of the structure. This makes it very rigid.

Steering is by a joystick – twist to steer, and there’s a single brake lever you can reach with either hand to operate the front drum brakes.

The KV4 is a kit – it comes flat-packed with a comprehensive instruction book and you build it yourself with basic tools. It’s a fun thing to do, but you do need some space and time, so if you prefer I can build it for you.

The kit includes all the parts you need – the body itself, wheels (the rear is with 24-speed DualDrive gearing), tyres, chain, seat cushion, etc.

Alleweder KV4 Kit – £2995 Add to your basket

Alleweder KV4 Fully Assembled and Tested – £3995 Add to your basket

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