Custom-built here in Glasgow, the Duplex tandem tricycle is perfect for stable, fast touring with two people. Built entirely out of aerospace-grade seamless 4130 steel, fillet-brazed, it has S&S frame separators as standard to make it much easier to store and transport.

Because it is built to order, anything is possible, but the “standard” specification shown here is a good mix – three chainrings and a 3×9 rear wheel to give 81 gears in a very wide spread, twin hydraulic front disc brakes, a rear disc brake with parking lock, mudguards and carrier.

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Delivery time is around 4 months at present.

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  1. Could the Duplex tandem trike be equipped with electric assistance? I was thinking of a Bafang bottom bracket kit but this wouldn’t be suitable for the front as shown (left side chainring) and it looks like the rear would obstruct the motor. Could a rear wheel drive work?

    1. Theoretically yes, but I’m not sure how stable that would be – the high stoker would be very far back from the centre of stability, so it might be prone to tipping over in corners. And of course it wouldn’t be like a Pino, the stoker would be much higher up than the pilot.

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