The Kettwiesel’s delta design is simple, but incredibly effective. You are low down and almost between the back wheels, so the Kettwiesel is very stable, and the single front wheel makes it very manouverable as well.

This geometry also means that the steering system is much less complex than the tadpole geometry (see the Scorpion) – so it’s light and reliable. Because you can turn the front wheel about 75 degrees, the Kettwiesel can turn in it’s own length.

Kettwiesel being carried across raging torrentThe Kettwiesel is also light (16kg), so you can take it almost anywhere.

Riding a Kettwiesel is an experience you have to try – about the closest thing I can describe it to is a go-kart, but it’s probably even better than that. If you really push it, you can lift the inside wheel, and with a bit of practice two-wheel riding is easy.

The componentry is simple and reliable. Independent disc brakes on each back wheel are operated by two levers, and one gear shifter shifts through the 9 wide-range gears.

The Kettwiesel isn’t just a toy, though. An optional coupling lets you attach a BOB trailer for touring, and another optional coupling lets you connect two Kettwiesels together to make a tandem. Apparently more than five in a string is not a good idea…

The Kettwiesel is also very adjustable! A couple of clever chain pulleys let you adjust the length  to suit you without having to add or remove links. For bigger adjustments, the pulley can be moved to one of several sets of mounting holes.

For 2007, Hase now make the Kettwiesel with an all-aluminium frame, and they make three different models – the Al, the Ride and the Style. See The Models for lots more info…

The Kettwiesel can also be turned into a really good handbike – see here for info…

For lots more Kettwiesel info and prices, see the Order Form…

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  1. Susan Kelly says:

    My husband, who can no longer walk or ride his normal bike, loves his trike. We had a lovely ride this morning at St Trojan on the Illegal D’Oleron, France

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