Lepus with sprog seat on rear

Big brother to the Kettwiesel, the Lepus is just a bit more refined and stately, but that doesn’t mean sluggish! The rear suspension makes for a very comfortable ride, and the twin hydraulic brakes acting on all three wheels make it a very safe trike as well. 21 gears are plenty for all riding, and the large rear platform is perfect for shopping, or carrying children with the optional childseat.

The Lepus also folds, in just a few seconds. Swing the rear frame underneath, fold the seat down, and it’s ready to go into most cars or take up less space in the garage or shed. Unfolding is just as simple. The Lepus comes with a dynamo lighting system as standard.

This mass of twisted metal isn't the result of a horrific accident - the Lepus folds
Lepus towing child trailer

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