The Gekko fx is HPVelotechnik’s newest trike, and it’s an interesting beast – thanks to a simple but clever hinge, the back wheel folds under and twists flat, and the seat folds flat – the whole trike turns into a 82x52x83 cm package in less than 10 seconds. So it’s faster to fold than a Brompton! There is also a cheaper non-folding version of the Gekko.


To fold, you don’t need to unscrew or remove any parts – a first for a tadpole recumbent trike. Everything stays attached, including the optional electric motor system on the red Gekko above.


Some recumbent trikes are a nightmare in traffic, but with a relatively upright seating position and manouverable steering, the Gekko makes a very good commuting trike.


Gekko or Scorpion? So, yes, HPVelotechnik now make two different folding recumbent trikes – which is the right one to go for? As always, it depends on what you want to do.
The Gekko is quick to fold (10 seconds vs. 30 seconds) and more compact, but it loses out in that it has no suspension, and only has the mesh seat – it can also only carry one pair of panniers.
So, for quick folding city use or if you need to fold often, the Gekko is probably the one to go for. If the folding will be more occasional, and you want to be able to go further and in more comfort, the Scorpion is the way to go.

For all the prices and options, see the Gekko Order Form

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