Grasshopper Order Form

Grasshopper fx complete (£2335)

Grasshopper fx frameset (seat, bars, suspension, chain tubes) (£1815)


 Magic Green    Dark blue    Custom colour (+£90) RAL no:

Front boom:

     Aluminium      Carbon (saves 170g, £165)
With derailleur stub      Without derailleur stub
Front boom quickadjust (change length without altering chain) (+£135)


BodyLink – 2-piece adjustable hardshell with foam cushion
BodyLink with Airflow – air permeable sewn cushion (+£90)
ErgoMesh – tubular frame with tensioned mesh seat, 3cm higher
Headrest – adjustable for height and angle (+£75)

Front suspension:

Spinner Grind 2 forks
Spinner Grind AL forks – lightweight aluminium stanchions (+£78)
Meks Carbon AC forks – with adjustable hydraulic damping (+£199)

Rear suspension:

DNM DV22: Soft (<80kg)     Medium (<100kg)     Hard (<130kg)
DT Swiss XM180 adjustable air shock (+£295)


Above-seat steering, Terracycle folding stem
Above-seat steering, aerobar
Underseat steering (+£45)

Drivetrain (ignore for framesets):

DualDrive 24-speed with twist shifters
DualDrive with bar-end shifters, 27-speed, XT derailleur (+£225)
SRAM 30-speed, SRAM GS, bar-end shifters (+£225)
Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed  with long twist shifter (+£1095)
E-drive Go SwissDrive, with Shimano XT 27-spd gearing (+£2125)
Short cranks – 155mm instead of 175mm, for riders under 5’7” (+£27)

Tyres (ignore for framesets):

Marathon Racer 40mm
Marathon Plus 47mm (+£35)

Brakes (ignore for framesets):

Avid SD-5 V-brakes
Avid SD-5 V-brakes, with disc-ready front hub (+£26)
Avid SD-5 V-brakes, both hubs disc-ready (XT gearing only) (+£48)
Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brakes (+£165)
Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes (+£147)
Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes (+£147)
Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes (+£310)
For disc brakes on Rohloff, make sure you’ve selected the
disc-ready Rohloff gearing in the drivetrain section above.


No lighting
Internal wiring only, ready for your own lights (+£26)
B&M Dymotec tyre dynamo, standlights and LEDs f&r (+£130)
SRAM D7 disc hub dynamo, standlights and LEDs f&r (+£165)
SON 20R disc hub dynamo, standlights and LEDs f&r (+£305)
SON 20R disc hub dynamo, Edelux 80-lux front light, LED rear (+£365)


Mudguards – SKS (+£39)
Rear carrier – 10mm tube, 25kg capacity (+£85)
Lowrider carrier – 10mm tube, 25kg capacity (+£82)
Kickstand – Hebie (+£17)
Waterbottle set – two bottles behind the seat (+£40)
B&M Cyclestar mirror (+£15)
Mirrycle mirror (also acts as speedometer bracket) (+£30)
Mirrycle mirror both sides (+£60)
Safety flag – white pole with fluorescent orange flag (+£13)
Moonbiker recumbent panniers, 2×35 litres, blue Cordura (+£215)
Streamer clear front fairing, with quickmount system (+£345)
Transport cover with shoulder strap (+£69)
Rain cover for the seat (blue nylon) (+£13)
Microbag for the seat, converts to hip bag, 1 litre (+£35)
Shimano single-sided clipless pedals (+£35)

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