Scorpion Models

Scorpion fx:

sco_fx_gefaltet_dreirad_kleinThe Scorpion fx folds down in 60 seconds without tools to a package 102 x 89 x 63 cms – another 90 seconds and one 5mm allen key gets the front wheels and mudguards off so the Scorpion fx is small enough to fit into a Smart car boot.

No other recumbent trike folds so small so quickly – and yet the fx has the same alloy frame and back suspension of it’s non-folding brother – the seat is 9cms higher and more upright to give an excellent touring position, and the lowrider and rear carriers let you carry four panniers (the sportier non-folding Scorpion carries two).


Above: The 60-second no-tools fold.

Right: After another 90 seconds and a 5mm allen key.

Some specifications:

Seat height: 35cms, Track: 79cms, Wheelbase: 102cms, Width: 83cms
Turning circle: 3.9m, Suspension travel: 9cms, Weight: 17.1kgs

The Scorpion Order Form has all the prices and options…


Scorpion fs:

The Scorpion fs has the same basic geometry as the folding Scorpion fx, but it adds 6cm of suspension travel at the front. The front  suspension isn’t a simple bodge, either, it uses racecar-style McPherson struts and a stabiliser bar under the front wishbone which makes sure  that the trike doesn’t roll too much in corners.


I’ve got a Scorpion fs as a demo trike,  and it really works – the suspension smoothly soaks up bumps, and even trying as hard as I can to get it to roll, it only moves a centimetre  or so.

The fs is available with a 20″ back wheel which is a bit more compact, or a 26″ back wheel which rolls faster especially over rougher ground.

The fs also, of course, has the same folding system as the fx – small enough  to fit in a Smart car boot!

The Scorpion Order Form has all the prices and options…

Scorpion Enduro:

The Enduro is HP’s offroad trike – it’s basically an fs 26 but with knobbly tyres and components more suited to messing about off road! It’s got Shimano XT gearing with bar-end shifters and hydraulic disc brakes as standard. The Scorpion Order Form has all the prices and options…

Scorpion Plus:

The Plus have the same full suspension design as the fs, but with a higher seating position – the base of the seat is 57cm (22.5″) off the ground, making it easier to get in and out of the trike.

Like the fs, the Plus can also come with a 20″ or 26″ back wheel, and of course it can have an electric assist system if you need it like all the Scorpion models. The Scorpion Order Form has all the prices and options…