7 Replies to “Rohloff Disc Brompton”

    1. I didn’t weigh it, sorry – but probably 13kg or so I guess. A normal 3-speed is about 12kg, add about 750g for the Rohloff and a bit more for the brakes.

      If you click on the first picture it’ll take you to my Flickr stream where there are a bunch more pictures.

    1. Only the XS model fits the standard Brompton forks, but since this bike is getting disc brakes anyway, I had to make new wider forks which could take a 100mm disc hub – so the Delux fits fine.

      Years ago, before the XS was made, I used to spread the standard forks out to 100mm to take a SON – that worked too 😉

      1. The brake lines just follow the normal routing until the rear pivot, then they cross over to the left side – they don’t mind folding at all.

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