Xmas Opening Hours: Our last day is the 23rd of December, then closed until the 5th of January. Happy Christmas!

Founded in November 1998, we’ve been designing, building, importing and modifying unusual cycles for 25 years, from our showroom and workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.

Folding Bikes

We’ve always got a few customised Bromptons in the shop to try out – at the moment it’s a Brompton with Kindernay gearing and disc brakes, and a Rohloff MTBrompton – plus Birdy and Hummingbird demonstrators.

Custom Brompton FoldersBrompton: We build customised Brompton folders, with different wheel sizes, Rohloff, Alfine or Enviolo gearing, disc brakes or belt drives.

See lots of examples in the Gallery Of Custom Builds.
Birdy Folding BikesBirdy: Riese & Müller’s Birdy folding bikes are aluminium full-suspension folders with disc brakes and the ability to carry up to four panniers.
Hummingbird Folding BikesHummingbird: The ultra-light composite Hummingbird weighs from 7kg, or a bit over 10kg for an electric assist version.
Custom Frames With BTCsS&S Bicycle Torque Couplings: The BTCs can be fitted to most steel frames – retrofitted or new builds – to make a full-size bike into a separable bike for travel.

Recumbent Trikes, Bikes & Tandems

We’re a HPVelotechnik Premier Dealer, a Hase Top Dealer and an ICE Level 4 Dealer, so we’ve got a large demonstrator fleet, with HPVelotechnik Scorpion, Gekko, Streetmachine, Grasshopper and Speedmachine, ICE Adventure, Full Fat and SprintX, and Hase Kettwiesel, Trigo and Pino models to try out.

Scorpion Suspension Trikes
HPVelotechnik Scorpion: Aluminium trikes with rear or full suspension
Kettwiesel Delta Trikes
Hase Kettwiesel: Folding delta trikes, with full suspension
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ICE Adventure: Comfortable touring trikes, easy to get in and out of
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ICE Full Fat: Fat-tyred off-road trikes, for soft and loose terrain
Gekko Fast-Folding Trikes
HPVelotechnik Gekko: Fast-folding trikes, great for small storage spaces
Trigo Delta Trikes
Hase Trigo: Adaptable delta trikes, for children or adults
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ICE SprintX: Fast road trikes, good for audax or fast touring
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ICE VTX: Race trikes, uncompromisingly low and fast
StreetMachine Touring Bike
HPVelotechnik Streetmachine: Classic full suspension world touring bikes
Grasshopper Folding Bike
HPVelotechnik Grasshopper: Compact full suspension folding bikes
Speedmachine Fast Bike
HPVelotechnik Speedmachine: Fast full suspension road bikes
Pino Recumbent Tandem
Hase Pino: Recumbent and upright tandems, for a wide range of riders

Cargo Bikes

We’ve got demonstrators of all the Riese & Müller e-cargo bikes in the shop to try out – Transporter 65 and 85, Packster 70, Load 60 and 75, Multicharger, Multicharger Mixte and Multitinker!

Carry in front:These cargo bikes have their storage in front of you, a large box or flat platform – they can carry a lot, and are quick to load and unload, but are larger to store.
Load: The Load 60 and 75 are the top-of-the-range e-cargo bikes from Riese & Müller – they have full suspension and an aluminium space frame front load area.
Packster: The Packster from R&M has an integrated hard box, with low-slung batteries and cable steering for excellent manoeuvrability.
Transporter: The Transporter 65 and 85 are the workhorses of the Riese & Müller e-cargo fleet – simple, tough frames can have anything from a flat load platform to a massive lockable box for commercial use.
Carry behind:These cargo bikes carry their loads behind you, on a “long tail” – they are more compact and more like normal bikes to ride, but can’t carry as much and loads need to be strapped on instead of just placed in a box.
Multitinker: R&M’s Multitinker is their compact long-tail e-cargo bike, with 20″ wheels and plenty of space on the rear rack for children, cargo or an adult passenger.
Multicharger: The Multicharger from Riese & Müller is their e-cargo bike that’s most like a conventional bike – big wheels ride over rough roads and paths.