EU Customers

No Brexit Problems! Brexit is a big mistake and a massive mess, but I can avoid all that for you – just order as you would from any company in the EU, pay the VAT as normal, and I’ll sort out the rest. No customs demands, no extra fees to pay, it’s as if Brexit never happened!

The detailed explanation: The way it works is I can ship almost everything Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). This means the courier company, usually UPS, will clear your order through customs but bill the VAT and charges back to me instead of demanding them from you. So you pay 20% to me, and I use that to pay the VAT for your country. Of course VAT rates differ across the EU, and UPS charge a fee to do this, but I’m absorbing those extra costs instead of passing them on to you.

The only downside of this approach is if you are buying for a company, this way you can’t reclaim the VAT. So in these situations use the NoVAT voucher code, and we’ll do it the other way where you pay the VAT when it arrives and then you can reclaim it later.