Brompton Hub Comparisons

With a bunch of different hubs available for the Brompton, I thought a comparison would be a good idea:

KindernayRohloffAlfine 11Alfine 8Enviolo
Sturmey 8
Number of gears1414118n/a8
Gear range543%525%405%307%380%325%
Gear ratios18″-98″19″-100″24″-99″24″-74″25″-95″29″-95″
or Thumb
Lever*Lever*TwistTwist or Thumb
EfficiencyVery goodVery goodGoodMediumGoodMedium
AxleSolid 10mmQuick releaseSolid 10mmSolid 10mmSolid 10mmSolid 13/32″
Disc brakeYesYesYesYesYesNo
Kit cost£1795£1595£795£725£725£395

Gear ratios are the most common possibilities – with the Rohloff and Kindernay, they are with the smallest possible rear cog and largest Brompton front ring (54t). With the Alfine and Enviolo, it’s 18t/50t. So getting higher gears is possible on the Alfine and Enviolo hubs, more difficult with the Kindernay and Rohloff.

I know it seems a bit odd that the Kindernay has a wider range than the Rohloff but has very similar gear ratios, but it’s because the difference between 18″ and 19″ at the bottom end is a much bigger difference than between 98″ and 100″ at the top end.

Other factors are harder to quantify in a table: In terms of fitting, the Rohloff is easiest – it’s a simple quick release hub (though I usually use an Allen key skewer) and cable fitting is very simple. The Alfine and Enviolo hubs are nutted, so need a spanner to fit, but cabling is pretty simple. The Kindernay is the most complex, with a nutted through axle, and hydraulic shifting that has to be cut and perhaps re-bled to fit.

*A rapid-fire shifter is available, but I strongly recommend the Jtek shifter for the Brompton handlebars.

Riese & Müller Superdelite GT Touring

Recently come into stock, this R&M Superdelite is an amazing bike! It’s got the Bosch Gen4 Performance CX motor with twin 500Wh integrated batteries for amazing range, full suspension, the Bosch ABS braking system, high and low beam Supernova lights, Shimano XT 11-speed gearing, lock with alarm, twin water bottles, rack, mudguards and stand. The frame is 51cm.


Ex-Demo R&M Culture GT Touring

This ex-demonstrator Culture GT Touring has the Bosch Performance CX motor with integrated 500Wh battery, full suspension, XT 11-speed gearing, Lumotec IQ lighting, racks, lock, stand and a 54cm frame.

New, it’d be £4285, this one has only done 12km and it’s £3750.

R&M Bikes In Stock

I’ve got some Riese & Müller bikes in stock for immediate collection or delivery:

  • Charger City – Bosch Active Plus motor, 500Wh integrated battery, Nexus 8-speed hub, 49cm frame. £3445.
  • Tinker Vario – Bosch Performance CX, 500Wh battery, Enviolo hub gear with belt drive. £3635.