Trek 1120 Rohloff / SON / Belt Drive Conversion

A deceptively complex job, the Trek 1120 is an interesting bike, built with 29″ fat tyres for off-road touring with custom racks. As standard it has derailleur gearing, this was a conversion to Rohloff hub gearing, and adding a Gates belt drive and SON dynamo hub to power lights and a Plug5 charging device. This needed a custom Rohloff A12 hub, custom-machined dropouts, a custom-machined chainset and very careful choice of parts.

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Duplex Tandem Recumbent Trike with Handcranks

This was a complex build! One of my Duplex tandem recumbent tricycles, with hand crank power for the stoker, Rohloff gearing, and electric assist from a Pendix drive. S&S couplings let it split in half for transport. The mid-drive system has a freewheel so the stoker can stop pedalling, and there’s a tensioner to keep the chain on when folding the hand crank arm forwards to get on and off.

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