Roadster & Cruiser Electric Bikes

The Roadster bikes from Riese & Muller are built to be light, sporty bikes for nipping about the city – they have integrated Bosch motor systems and are available with diamond or mixte frames.

Suspension forks make it comfortable, and the slick tyres make it speedy – disc brakes and hub gears on some models mean low maintenance.

For full specifications and prices, the R&M website is brilliant – you can configure your bike there and get a reference number to order it from me.

Or see all prices and order on the Riese & Müller Order Form.

The Roadster page on the R&M website

The Roadster Mixte page on the R&M website

The Cruiser bikes are a bit more relaxed – larger balloon tyres for comfort, and racks for luggage.

The Cruiser page on the R&M website

The Cruiser Mixte page on the R&M website