Birdy Order Form

Birdy City – 8-speed Shimano Nexus, disc brakes, mudguards, lights, Big Apple tyres, propstand (£2465)

Birdy Touring – 10-speed Shimano Deore, disc brakes, mudguards, folding Marathon Racer tyres, propstand (£2365)

Birdy Rohloff – 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub, disc brakes, mudguards, lights, Big Apple tyres, propstand (£3795)


            Black , Green, Light Blue, White


Sport (swept forward) , Comfort (swept back)


Softer , Medium , Harder

Optional extras:

Expedition carrier (Frame fitting) (+£80)
Lowrider carrier (for front panniers) (+£60)
Dynamo lighting (Speed only, standard on others, hub dynamo, Supernova light) (+£170)
Pump – SKS Wese XL – fits into seatpost (+£33)
Folding lock – Abus Bordo (+£74)
MKS Ezy Promenade quick release pedals (+£66)
Hard case – with locks, wheels and pulling handle (+£240)
Rucksack – small bag which unfolds into a carry bag (+£105)
Cover – a lightweight cover with storage bag (+£50)
Frame bag – storage under main frame (+£33)

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4 Replies to “Birdy Order Form”

  1. Four questions:
    1. Lighting – does Rohloff Birdy come with lighting standard ? And if so is it dynamo front hub like son?
    2. If bought by non- UK resident would we get VAT refund?
    3. What ortlieb pack is recommended for rear rack?
    4. I have a Moulton Rohloff TSR – excellent – and has done about 30,000 km, one weakness has been the ‘shim’ connecting rear triangle to main frame which developed wear. Is this an issue with Birdy?

    1. 1. Yes, using a SP hub dynamo.
      2. Yes, I can take off the VAT.
      3. It will take most panniers and top bags – the largest panniers don’t work very well if you have big feet, they get a bit close to your heels.
      4. The suspension bushings do wear out eventually, as all things do, but Birdy ones seem to last a long time – 10 years or so at least – and are easy to replace.

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