Birdy Rohloff

The Birdy Rohloff has the Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed hub gear – totally sealed, totally reliable, with a massive range – it’s the ultimate gearing system.

The Rohloff has a gear range of 1.67 to 8.80 m and weighs 11.3 kg.

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Note: this picture shows the racks which are not fitted as standard.

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  1. You’ve customized (and posted about) so many amazing Bromptons. My question is, how significantly can you reduce the weight of a Birdy Rolloff? I ask because for me (and my back), lifting a (relatively) heavy Birdy into and out of the trunk of a car is a chore.

    1. Not an awful lot, I’m afraid – it’s already an aluminium frame, with reasonably light components. You could go down a rabbit hole of fitting carbon cranks, bars, seat post etc, spending a lot of money without saving much weight. Basically, it’s got a 1.8kg hub in the back wheel, nothing much can be done about that.

    1. I’m not sure it would be very successful – could maybe adjust the belt tension with an eccentric bottom bracket, but it’d need some kind of belt keeper for folding.

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