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Brompton Alfine Kits


Shimano Alfine hub gears can be fitted to a Brompton, using my custom rear triangles – you can have an 8-speed or 11-speed with an optional disc brake. I also make the rear triangles with an optional integral rack.

The Alfine is a good intermediate step between the Sturmey 8-speed and the ultimate Rohloff.

The kit includes a complete new rear wheel, new rear frame* in a colour of your choice, new chain tensioner, gear shifter, and fittings. Depending on your Brompton, you might need a new chainset and/or chain, I can supply these if needed.

Because my new rear frame is disc-ready, you can upgrade the brakes easily later – the hubs have a centrelock fitting to take a brake rotor. I offer two disc options, the mechanical BB7 (reasonably powerful, simple to service) and the hydraulic Hope Race X2 (very light, very low maintenance, very powerful).

Alfine 8-speed Kit – £725  
Alfine 8-speed Kit, integral rack – £815

Alfine 11-speed Kit – £795  
Alfine 11-speed Kit, integral rack – £885  

Want to add a rear disc brake? You can find them on the Disc Brake Page.

The kits come with a Rapidfire shifter as standard. For Bromptons with M or H bars (the ones that aren’t straight), I strongly recommend the Jtek shifter:

Add Jtek 8-speed shifter – £50
Add Jtek 11-speed shifter – £70  

Or you can have the Di2 electronic shifting, with a very neat little switch and handlebar display.

Add Di2 – £500  

76 Replies to “Brompton Alfine Kits”

    1. I normally fit a 50t chainset and 18t rear cog which gives:
      Alfine 8: 24″ to 74″
      Alfine 11: 24″ to 99″
      The rear cog has to be 18t, but the chainset can be 44t or 54t to move the ratios up or down.

      In comparison, the normal Brompton 3-speed has ratios from 44″ to 79″, and the BWR 6-speed has ratios from 33″ to 99″.

  1. Hello Kang,

    You need to make the choice Alfine Di2 or Alfine with Rapidfire shifter when you purchase the bike.
    It’s not possible to improve the Alfine with Rapidfire shifter to Di2 because it’s not the same hub.
    The Alfine version with Rapidfire shifter use the SG-S700 hub which contains an internal spring to tight the cable.
    The Di2 version use the SG-S705 hub which doesn’t contain this spring (otherwise the spring will oppose to the electric motor). You can recognise it with it’s blue strip.
    It’s the same thing when you purchase a new car: you need to make the choice between a mechanical or an automatic gearbox.


  2. Hi Ben,
    i am interested in the Alfine 11 kit with integral rack for my Brompton.
    Will the additional width of the rear triangle affect the fitment on my B&W hard case?

    1. It depends what else you have – on its own, there’s not much difference. If you get disc brakes as well, then you might need to cut away a bit of the padding to cope with the extra width. It also depends which shifters you get – the JTek ones take up less space especially on the M-type bars.

    1. It’s the motor, battery, holder, charger, cables, handlebar control, display, modified tensioner etc – basically everything you need.

  3. Tried to comment on the NuVinci page but couldn’t since the comment box was missing – how much weight does the NuVinci setup add over a stock 6 speed and how does it compare to the Alfine 8? Given that they’re the same price and the NuVinci has superior range and granularity (and doesn’t need oil) I’m wondering if there’s any reason to go with the Alfine over it.

  4. Hi, I have a 2017 Brompton Black edition with M type handle bars. Will the Di2 shifter fit well on these? or am I better of with Jtek for the alfine 11? Also, if I were to order an Alfine 11 with integral rack would I be able to get the black wheel to match the black edition? Thanks!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried the Di2 on M-type bars, but it’s a pretty small shifter, should be okay. Alternatively, I know the JTek works well on the M-type bars.

      I can do a black hub, black rim and black spokes, yes.

    1. The normal shifter does work, but I recommend the Jtek shifter – it’s neater and takes up a lot less bar space, plus it’s chunky aluminium not plastic.

  5. Is there a price for a bare metal option and a price for already painted?

    (Need to paint an entire frame, would like it to match).


    1. If you want it as it comes out of the jig, then that saves £20 – but it will need to be blasted before painting. Or I can do what I usually do to the brushed stainless ones which would make it ready for painting, but that wouldn’t save any money.

  6. Can you mimic/recreate the raw laquer black edition on your triangles/ forks?
    I.e. a darker laquer than the standard version.

  7. I’m interested in the Alfine 8 speed conversion kit, does the price include everything I need to convert my bike or are there additional parts I need to purchase outside of this? Is the modified frame included and if so does this have a gloss finish as my bike is the standard Brompton Satin/Matt red (its a 2018 H3L)

    Thanks in advance

    1. The kit includes everything you need to convert a new or nearly-new bike – on older bikes, you might also need a chain and chainring if yours are worn. The new rear triangle is included, it can have any paint finish you like.

  8. Hi, a few questions regarding to alfine custom kits.
    is the custom chain tensioner required to fit, or I may use what I have, just change the triangle and internal hub?
    originally I had an extra sprocket added, making it 3s sprockets, is this kit compatible for such settings?
    for paint, do you have the 2019 Flame Lacquer color?

    1. The custom tensioner is needed – the standard tensioner can’t cope with 18t or the altered chainline. It’s not possible to have more than one sprocket on the Alfine hub. I can’t do the flame lacquer yet, but I’ve done flame lacquer bikes with black extremities or raw lacquer and they both look good.

  9. hi
    what is the widest tire ( with mud guards ) are possible with the ” alfine 11 rear triangle ) ? and what is the widest front tire with the fron disc fork ?

  10. Hey! I’m keen on the Alfine 11. Will it be possible to be painted in Water Blue like the B75, another alternative is brushed stainless steel? It’s possible for add ons like spares eg: cables and the mod tensioner? Also what’s the timeline for shipping to Singapore? Cheers

    1. I’ve never tried matching the Water Blue – it should be possible to get a pretty close match, but yes the other option is brushed stainless. No problem to supply some spares too. Built time at the moment is about a month.

  11. Hi, I’m interested in your kit. Is it possible to mount a standard rear rack, as I would like to use my h&h titanium rear rack with this kit installed.

    1. Yes, most standard Brompton racks will fit my rear triangle – sometimes you need to bend the stays out a little, or bolt them on the inside of the dropout instead of the outside.

  12. Can you paint the rear triangle with black lacquer? Thanks!
    Do you have detail instructions for installation with the shipped conversion kits?

    1. I can’t do black lacquer yet, working on that – gloss black goes well with the black lacquer.

      I haven’t produced separate instructions, as the hubs and shifters come with their own fitting instructions.

  13. Hi Ben, my chain tensioner is wearing out/running poorly. I’ve got one of your alfine kits and wondering if the chain tensioner is standard, or custom. Looks almost the same, but not quite! Was wondering about upgrading to one of the bromtification ones for example, either the whole thing or just the pulley wheels.

    1. I haven’t tried modifying a Brompfication tensioner, but it should work – the modification is to use different spacers and standoffs to change the chainline.

    1. Yes, all my rear triangles are stainless steel, so they can be left in a brushed finish.

      Build times vary, but around 4 weeks for a kit at the moment.

  14. Hi
    If I order a gloss rear end with alfine 11 di2 black hub on silver rim/spokes. Can you tell me approximate delivery time. Also how big is he di2 battery and where abouts does it go on a brompton. I have it in the seatpost of my road bike?

  15. Hi,
    my project is an Alfine Di2, 18/20 triangle & Fork, with integrated rack, 355 rims with Schwalbe 18*2.00 big apple, hope hydraulic brakes.
    Is it possible ? Do you have 355 rims in stock ?
    To avoid Chainset modification, witch Brompton Model (M1/M2/M6) i have to find ?

    1. I have the rims in stock, build time for kits at the moment is about 6 weeks though Di2 parts are very hard to get right now. Any base bike will work.

  16. If I buy a Brompton B75 would it be suitable for an 11 speed Alfine conversion. Plus if I arranged for it to be delivered to you, would it be possible to have the conversion done and then sent to me.

    1. Yes, my kits fit to any Brompton – for the B75 handlebars, the JTek shifter is the best one to use. I can do the fitting here for you, that’s no problem.

  17. I’m thinking about the rolhoff or alfine 11. If I send my Brompton M3L to you for conversion, do you send back all the parts you remove too, such as the original rear triangle, shell, gears, cables etc? What is the current turnaround time for an order?

  18. Hi Ben,
    I have an M6R Brompton, not sure how old as I bought second hand and the detail sticker is blank. I have toured this summer fully loaded with tent etc., it would be good to have extra gears for hills. I am considering alfine 11 gears with the built in rack- what additional weight will this add to my M6R?

    1. The Alfine kit is about 700g heavier than the 6-speed, but the integral rack is about 200g lighter than the Brompton rack.

  19. Is it possible to get a new alfine 11 speed kit and front fork ( so that disc brakes can be fitted later) along with the mainframe included ? if so, what will be the cost? (I need a chris king headset as well)

  20. Can you fit easywheels to both ends of the integral rack please? To roll the folded bike along on the rack like the OE Brompton rack.

    1. Brompton racks always only have rollers on the back end, the front rollers are attached to the rear triangle – but yes, you can have four Easywheels so it rolls happily, just like with the Brompton rack.

  21. 1) Is Jtek 11 shifter a bar end shifter or a thumb shifter?
    2) what is the delivery time for an Alfine 11 kit (i plan to order it in march)?

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