Kindernay Brompton Kits

The new Kindernay hub is a 14-speed hub gear with a range of 543% in equal steps – it’s an amazing range from a hub that weighs only 1.4kg! The Kindernay’s sealed hydraulic shifting is operated by two thumb shift levers under the bars.

We offer a complete kit of everything you need to covert your Brompton – a new back wheel with the Kindernay hub already fitted, a new rear triangle to fit the hub, and all parts. You will need to be able to cut and perhaps bleed hydraulic systems to fit the kit, so it is a bit more complex than our Rohloff or Alfine kits.

Kindernay Brompton kit – £1795

Kindernay Brompton kit – integral rack – £1885

The Kindernay comes with a 180mm brake rotor, and a +20 torque adaptor so it works with a IS 160mm disc brake, or the standard Brompton rim brake.

6 Replies to “Kindernay Brompton Kits”

  1. Hello,
    Which sprocket is used with this hub on Brompton ? 13 or 14 teeth ?
    How much lenght of hose do you have to cut (approximately) ?
    Thank you very much.

    1. It can’t be done unfortunately – the Kindernay can’t take a belt cog that’s small enough to give sensible ratios.

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