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Simplicity is the idea behind the Hummingbird Bike – a very light and strong carbon fibre main frame, a minimalist aluminium lattice rear swingarm, a simple folding stem, and very light components – the single speed version weighs under 7kg!

But this isn’t some ridiculous unrideable bike built just to show off – the wheels are 16″, the same size as Brompton’s, the wheelbase is sensible, and the carbon fibre spine and forks are very strong and stiff.

The carbon fibre is handmade by Prodrive in the UK, a company who normally build carbon parts for the most prestigious car companies, and the Hummingbird bikes are assembled in the Prodrive factory.

There are three models of Hummingbird:

Single Speed, weighing 6.9kg total, the lightest and simplest Hummingbird – £3495
Multi Speed, with a 4-speed Sturmey hub gear, weighing 8.2kg – £3745 or £3945 with belt drive.
Electric, with an amazing integrated battery and motor system in the back wheel, for a total weight of only 10.3kg – £4495.