Moulton TSR

MoultonFeature_TSRPackedMade by Pashley, the Moulton TSR bikes aren’t really foldables, they’re high-performance bikes that can be packed down. The distinctive spaceframe splits in the middle in seconds, so the TSR can be put in a car boot or onto public transport.

But where the TSR really excels is the suspension – it’s built to let the TSR be comfortable, but have high-pressure tyres for speed. Riding a TSR feels like gliding over the ground.

There are 3 models of TSR, or I can do a custom build with anything you like – Rohloff hub gear for instance.

The TSR 8 has an Alfine 8-speed hub gear for a wide range, and sealed away for reliability.

Moulton TSR 8 – £1795   

The TSR 9 has a 9-speed SRAM derailleur and is the lightest TSR model at under 12kg.

Moulton TSR 9 – £1750   

The TSR 22 is the tour/race model, with drop bars and a 2×11 derailleur gearing system.

Moulton TSR 22 – £2195   

Note: the build time for all TSR bikes is about 4-5 months at the moment.