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S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings

S&S BTC Animation

Make any bike into a folding bike.


The idea behind BTCs is simple: two toothed lugs slot together and a threaded sleeve over the top clamps the whole lot tight. What is so impressive about the S&S BTCs is how good they are – they are beautifully machined from stainless steel and are without exception the finest made bike parts I have ever seen. To fit my first ever set I cut up my prized Kona MTB (brave or stupid – you decide), and six years down the line that first set are still perfect.

The teeth on a BTC aren’t square – they’re tapered. This means they lock together very powerfully. Everything is heat-treated making it very strong. The end result is you completely forget they are there – no creaking, squeaking or groaning. No flex, nothing.

Custom Lugged BTCs

The real advantage of BTCs is that for most of the time you have a real full-size bike – maybe your well-loved old bike or maybe a custom-made new one. Either way, you don’t have to compromise what you want just so you can take your bike with you. I can retrofit BTCs to lots of bikes, or I can custom-build a bike to your exact requirements with the BTCs already fitted.

I can even make custom BTCs to any style you like.

More about retrofitting BTCs.

More about custom BTC-equipped frames.

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