Tern Vektron

The Vektron is Tern’s electric folding bike – it folds just like their other folders, but has a discreet electric motor system from Bosch or Bafang.

One neat trick the Vektron can do is stand on end – folded or unfolded, it’s a great way to get it out of the way, and you can roll it along this way too!

This solves a big problem with electric folding bikes – they can be a bit cumbersome when they’re folded. Not a problem with the Vektron.

Another trick the Vektron can do is carry a lot on its neat integrated rack – like Tern’s GSD non-folding cargo bike, the rack can take a bunch of different seats and accessories.

So you can carry artfully arranged fruit, small children, or more practical things too…

There are four models of Vektron – I have a P7i in the shop to try out.

Vektron S10 – black, 10-speed derailleur gears, Bosch – £3400   Add to your basket

Vektron P7i – gunmetal, 7-speed hub gears, Bosch – £3100   Add to your basket 

Vektron Q9 – blue, 9-speed derailleur gears, Bosch – £3000   Add to your basket 

Vektron D8 – gunmetal, 8-speed derailleur gears, Bafang – £2300   Add to your basket