Custom Stems

Custom Stem

A custom-made stem can solve a problem – if you need a special angle, diameter or length or special features – or it can just be an aesthetically pleasing thing to finish off your bike!
Custom stems start from £150 including powdercoating in a colour of your choice – being custom anything is possible, so if the order form below doesn’t cover what you want, drop me an email.


Custom Stem Order Form: All Stems £150

Stem Length (measured from the centre of the steerer to the centre of the handlebar):

Length (60mm to 160mm):

Stem Angle (measured from a right angle to the fork steerer):

Angle (-20 to +60 degrees):

Handlebar Diameter:

25.4mm (standard for most touring bikes, and many MTBs)
26.0mm (standard for most drop-bar racing bikes)
31.7mm (used on quite a few newer racing bikes and MTBs)

Steerer Diameter:

25.4mm (for 1” headsets, mostly obsolete)
28.6mm (for 1 1/8” headsets, very common)
31.7mm (for 1 1/4” headsets, some MTBs)

Handlebar Clamp:

Single clamp (as in the picture, for straightish bars)
Double clamp (front loading, for more curved bars)


You can specify by RAL colour or just a name:


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