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Cargo Bikes

We’ve got demonstrators of all the Riese & Müller e-cargo bikes in the shop to try out – Transporter 65 and 85, Packster 70, Load 60 and 75, Multicharger, Multicharger Mixte and Multitinker!

Carry in front:These cargo bikes have their storage in front of you, a large box or flat platform – they can carry a lot, and are quick to load and unload, but are larger to store.
Load: The Load 60 and 75 are the top-of-the-range e-cargo bikes from Riese & Müller – they have full suspension and an aluminium space frame front load area.
Packster: The Packster from R&M has an integrated hard box, with low-slung batteries and cable steering for excellent manoeuvrability.
Transporter: The Transporter 65 and 85 are the workhorses of the Riese & Müller e-cargo fleet – simple, tough frames can have anything from a flat load platform to a massive lockable box for commercial use.
Carry behind:These cargo bikes carry their loads behind you, on a “long tail” – they are more compact and more like normal bikes to ride, but can’t carry as much and loads need to be strapped on instead of just placed in a box.
Multitinker: R&M’s Multitinker is their compact long-tail e-cargo bike, with 20″ wheels and plenty of space on the rear rack for children, cargo or an adult passenger.
Multicharger: The Multicharger from Riese & Müller is their e-cargo bike that’s most like a conventional bike – big wheels ride over rough roads and paths.

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