Kiffy Capsule

The Capsule from Kiffy is designed to be the perfect family e-cargo bike – it’s small, no bigger than a conventional bike, but can carry a couple of kids and quite a bit of shopping!

The Capsule weighs only 28kg, yet can carry 20kg on the front rack and 60kg on the back, plus the rider. With Bosch’s 65Nm Performance Line electric assist, it’s got a decent amount of torque for hills as well.

A big advantage of the Kiffy bikes is they’re all made in France – with low production miles and everything made in-house, delivery times are faster than most at the moment, and it’s better for the environment too.

The Capsule comes in three colours – graphite metallic, blue metallic or purple metallic – with the front rack as standard, suspension forks, 10-speed derailleur gearing, hydraulic disc brakes and built-in lighting.

Kiffy Capsule – £3745

Optional Extras:

Secure Bars for children – £170
Footrests – £77
Seat cushion – £26