Packster Cargo Bikes

Riese & Müller make two Packster cargo bikes, the Packster 40 and the Packster 70:

The Packster 40 has a modular design, it can have just a bare flat board if you want to stack cargo boxes, but more usually it would have a cargo box and/or child seat like in this picture. It’s narrower than most cargo bikes, so great for squeezing through traffic or cycle path gates, but the box is still wide enough for a decent amount of shopping or one child with the clever fold-away child seat:

The Packster 70 is completely different – it has an integrated hard shell box which can carry up to three children or lots of cargo, the batteries are integrated into the base of the frame, and it has cable steering making it very manoeuvrable:

Here’s a full walk around showing all the features of the new Packster 70:

The Packster 40 starts from £4095, the Packster 70 from £5255 – the Riese & Müller website has lots more info and a configurator, or give me a call or send an email and I can work out a complete price for you.

I have both bikes in the shop to try out.