Packster Cargo Bikes

The Packster range of electric cargo bikes from Riese & Müller are very adaptable – there’s three sizes, the Packster 40, 60 and 80, and they all have flat load areas so large items can be carried. Alternatively, they can have boxes for children or cargo.

They’ve all got integrated Bosch electric motor systems and suspension forks for comfort. Different gearing systems are available, and they’ve all got lights and mudguards and a neat twin-leg stand.

For full specifications and prices, the R&M website is brilliant – you can configure your bike there and get a reference number to order it from me. Or my R&M Price List lets you order online.

The Packster 60 is also available under the new R&M Rent scheme for businesses – pay £4 per day for 3 months for a brand new Load 75 Rent, then at the end of the period you can either return the bike, or buy it for £5650. The Packster 60 Rent model has comfort kit, box, tarpaulin, rear rack, additional chain lock, Enviolo gearing with belt drive, and a double battery.

The Packster 40 page on the R&M website

The Packster 60 page on the R&M website

The Packster 80 page on the R&M website