Tern GSD

GSD means “Get Stuff Done”, and that’s the idea behind the Tern GSD. It’s a multipurpose electric bike designed for just doing the stuff you do every day, stuff that you’d normally use a car for even when you don’t want to.

Carrying a child or two, or even an adult? It can do that. Carry up to 180kg of cargo in boxes or side bags? Sure. Go touring with six panniers and a tent? it’ll manage that happily too, and even lets you carry two batteries to double the range, up to 150 miles on a single charge!

The key to the GSD is adaptability. The base bike is a tough aluminium-framed chassis with Bosch electric assist for the hills and compact 20″ wheels, so despite being a cargo bike the GSD isn’t any bigger than a conventional bike.

The GSD is also flexible with who can ride it – there’s just one frame size but it’s very adjustable, so anyone from 1.5m to 2m can ride it happily.

When you’re not using it, the GSD is just as flexible – the seat post and stem fold down quickly so it can pack away. It’s even got special feet on the rear rack so it can be stored on end, also very useful for transporting it up in a lift!

The Tern GSD comes in blue or orange, and will be available from the end of 2017 – you can pre-order now, as soon as I know the accessory prices I’ll paste this page.

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