K-Gear Software

I wrote this gear calculation software to work out the ratios for all the unusual gearing systems we fit – doing it by hand was getting a bit tedious!

New Version: New in version 1.3 – now in landscape format for smaller screens, and with graphics to show you how the gears lay out…


  • Has pre-programmed wheel sizes and cassettes built in – or enter your own.
  • Supports all hub gear systems – including Brompton’s 6-speed.
  • Supports the Mountain Drive, Speed Drive and High Speed Drive.
  • Supports up to 4 front chainwheels and 10 rear cogs
  • Outputs in inches and metres.
  • Completely stand-alone Windows program.
  • Completely free…

Simply download the program from this link – it’s about 0.5Mb.


2 Replies to “K-Gear Software”

  1. hello!

    very useful app, indeed. however, you mention “Supports all hub gear systems – including Brompton’s 6-speed” but i can not find it in the hub gear select.

    also, there are lots of unsupported systems systems, like:
    – 11 cog cassette
    – alfine hubs
    – nuvinci hubs
    – pinion gearbox
    – kindernay

    an updated version would be nice.
    thank you!

    1. I do plan to make an updated one at some point – the problem is this app was written in Delphi, and I lost the source code about a decade ago so I can’t edit it!

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