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There are quite a few options when you’re ordering a Rohloff Speedhub – hopefully this form will help you pick the right one, but if any of it doesn’t make sense, please give us a call 😉

Firstly, are you planning to use a disc brake now, or at some point in the future? If so, then you should get a disc brake hub.

Disc brake hub (£1245)       or      Non-disc hub (£1145)

(Note: it is possible to upgrade a non-disc hub to a disc one, for £150-£200ish, if you change your mind in the future)

The disc hub is available with 36 holes instead of 32, in black QR only – let me know if you want this version.

Non-disc hubs only: The normal cable routing has bare cables running to the hub, but also possible is the more sealed and faster to remove clickbox-type routing as used for disc hubs. Clickbox routing (+£75)


Next, what are the dropouts (frame ends) like on your bike? If they’re vertical, then you can have a quick release or solid axle hub. If they’re horizontal, then a solid hub is better to resist the pull of the chain tension. A solid-axle hub saves you £50, as it doesn’t come with a tensioner.

Quick release hub (£0)       or      Solid axle hub (-£50)


The Rohloff needs a torque arm to stop itself unscrewing. The standard one fits to the chainstay – using a quick release clip with the quick release hubs, and a bolt-on clip with the solid axle hubs.

This torque arm is not suitable for frames which have a pivot near the dropout, and some frames with non-standard chainstays.

There are two alternatives:
– If your frame has disc brake mounts then you can use the OEM2 axle plate.
– If your frame has a long dropout on the left side, then it’s designed for the Rohloff, and you can use the OEM1 axle plate.

Standard arm       Disc OEM2 plate       OEM1 plate

If you’re using the OEM2 axle plate and you also want to use a disc brake, you need the Speedbone or Monkeybone attachment. Both fit to the IS disc mount, the Speedbone fits on the outside so works with calipers without adapters, the Monkeybone fits on the inside and replaces the adapter.

Speedbone (+£30)   Monkeybone (+£30)

If you’re fitting to a full-suspension bike, you might need a chainguide to stop the chain falling off the front chainring – Rohloff make a guide that looks like a pared-down front derailleur.

Chainguide (+£30)


Rohloffs use different brake rotors to standard, they have a 4-bolt fixing, so you may need a new brake rotor.

Disc brake Rotor (+£30) (Tell me what size you need)

Finally, the most important question of all – what colour?

Silver       Black        Red

Wheelbuilding: I can build your hub into a wheel for you, so you’re all ready to go – I use Mavic rims for 26” and 700c – whatever I can find in the more unusual sizes. If you have a specific rim you want, let me know – normally it won’t cost any more, unless it’s a much more expensive rim 😉

If you want a wheel built for you, click this box and pick your wheel size:

Wheelbuilding (+£75)


All done? To order, just click this button:

2 Replies to “Rohloff Order Form”

  1. Hello Ben,
    I’m planning to upgrade my Kinetics Brompton with Alfine 11 with disc brake that built by you to a Rohloff hub. I’m not quite sure about the quick release & solid axle and also the Torque arm, speedbone/ monkeybone selection. Can you please kindly explain. Thanks

    1. To fit one of my Brompton rear triangles, the hub should be disc brake, quick release, with the OEM axle plate – no Monkeybone or Speedbone needed.

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