Edelux Lights


SON’s Edelux front light is amazing – it’s a very bright 3W white LED with a hyperbolic reflector that spreads the light very evenly over the road – no narrow horizontal band with this light. The watertight aluminium case helps keep the LED cool for a very long lifespan.

The Edelux has a standlight, so it stays on when you stop, and a light sensor so you can leave it in Auto mode and it will come on automatically in the dark. The contactless switch also has Off and On settings for manual control, and a rear light can also be connected which will be controlled by the switch and light sensor. A bracket for V-brakes is included.

The silver and black lights can come with 36cm, 60cm or 120cm cables – the red can come with a 60cm or 120cm cable. Don’t forget to tell me what length you need…

Edelux Silver
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Edelux Black
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Edelux Red
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