Recumbent Luggage

Made by Radical Designs for HPVelotechnik, this new luggage is specifically designed for the StreetMachine, Speedmachine and Spirit.

The StreetMachine / Speedmachine luggage uses three large straps to fit over the seat (under the cushion) and over the rear carrier. At 35 litres each side, with external mesh waterbottle pockets, you can carry a huge amount of luggage without using the lowriders. These panniers are also more aerodynamic than normal panniers.

SMGT / SPM luggage (pair) £165 Add to your basket

For the Spirit, HPVelotechnik have commissioned a large top bag to fit behind the seat. It hangs from the top of the seat, and has two straps with quick-release buckles that attach under the seat. The bag is about 45 litres – it measures the full height and width of the Spirit seat, and is semicircular with an internal stiffener.

Spirit top bag £115 Add to your basket

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