BOB Cargo Trailers

BOB Cargo Trailers
BOB Yak with Yak Sak

The BOB Yak is a classic – a strong cromoly frame attaches to your bike via a special replacement quick release. The single alloy rear wheel means that it follows your bike faithfully over all kinds of terrain. The Yak is available for 26” or 28” (700c) wheels, and different quick releases and wheel nuts make it compatible with hub gears, tandems, etc.


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The new BOB Ibex adds suspension to the proven Yak design – the rear swingarm has a coil-over shock, and a quick adjustment mechanism to tune it to how much load you are carrying. It makes you faster: when you hit a bump, only the rear wheel lifts, instead of lifting the entire trailer, which saves energy. There are also 4 waterbottle mountings.

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