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A tandem with a difference – on the back you ride upright for good visibility, and are close enough to the recumbent stoker to talk easily. Unlike on conventional tandems, both of you can see where you’re going! It’s comfortable too, the front suspension fork gives a smooth ride.

The Pino is very adaptable, able to carry anyone from a small child to an adult on the front, and is very rideable by one person – great for taking a child to school or picking up a guest from the station. It can also convert into a cargo bike, with a Porter rack underneath for large loads, and for even more carrying capacity the front seat can take a large storage bag.

Because the Pino is shorter than a conventional tandem, it’s easy to transport – with the front boom all the way in (a quick job as it has quick-release levers) it’s short enough to go across the back of a car, or it’ll go on most Thule-type roofracks – you can fold the seat forwards in seconds to reduce the air resistance. It can also split in half in about 5 minutes by undoing a couple of bolts.

The Pino can be adapted in many different ways – for smaller children you can fit this special child’s bottom bracket which brings the pedals a lot closer to the seat – suitable for kids from about 6 years and up, it also comes with the harness to keep them in place 😉

To keep the bike stable while you’re loading up, Hase make a really beefy twin-leg stand – it’s strong enough to hold an adult, and folds up by itself as you ride off. Underseat lowriders can hold four panniers.

The Pino is available in three versions, the Allround has standard derailleur gearing, the Tour has higher specification components, and the STEPS has the Shimano STEPS electric assist system.

See the Pino order form for full specification, price and options…


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  1. Hi there,
    We are looking to buy the HASE Pino electric 2021 semi recumbent tandem! We have ridden the non-electric version before and this new addition has persuaded us we would like to invest in one!
    Do you have any available now or soon or when?
    Thanks very much,

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