Hase’s new Trigo tricycle is incredibly adaptable – the seat, rear frame and cranks all attach to the main spine with bolts or quick releases, so it can be adjusted for length and angle in seconds, or with an Allen key can be adapted to a very wide range of sizes from child to adult. The Trigo can fit anyone from 4’7″ (1.4m) to 6’7″ (2m) tall.

But it’s not just about adaptability – the Trigo is light, with an all-aluminium frame, stable and very manoeuvrable. It can be a fast racing trike, or a relaxing trike for shopping trips.

Two basic models are made, the Trigo with underseat steering, and the Trigo Up with the bars above the seat.

That’s just the start, though – lots of options can be added. Mudguards, a rear basket carrying system, electric assistance with a Shimano STEPS crank drive, a differential to increase traction, various luggage options, even full weather protection from a fairing!

Trigo Up – overseat steering, 8-speed hub gear – £2545 add to cart

Trigo – underseat steering, 24-speed derailleur gears – £2365 add to cart

Trigo Nexus – underseat steering, 8-speed hub gear – £2715 add to cart

Shimano STEPS electric assist – £2195    Add to your basket
Differential for 2-wheel drive – £320    Add to your basket
Mudguards – £100    Add to your basket
Battery lighting – £75    Add to your basket
Side pouch – £45    Add to your basket
Basket mount for Racktime fittings – £115    Add to your basket
Foldable fairing – £435    Add to your basket
Poncho for fairing – £135    Add to your basket