SpeedMachine enjoying the open roadThe Speedmachine has changed quite a bit over time – it started out as almost a race bike, but has mellowed a bit with age 😉

The Speedmachine’s real talent has always been it’s combination of fast and fun performance with full suspension comfort – it’s a lively and manouverable bike that’s great fun to chuck into corners or power down the straight, but it won’t jar your teeth out either. Until now, though, it’s not been so good for touring.

The new model is much better in this regard – it has the option of underseat steering for a more relaxed (though less aerodynamic) position, and a new lowrider carrier means it can carry four panniers. HPVelotechnik also added the very adjustable Bodylink seat as used on most of their other bikes.

So the new Speedmachine is really two bikes in one – it can be specced as a fast race bike with aero bars, or a comfortable tourer with underseat bars and full carriers – or anything inbetween…


To order, you can specify all the options on the HPVelotechnik Configurator – then enter the configuration number on our Configurator Order Form, and I’ll get things under way. The build time is usually around 4-5 weeks.

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    I wanted to know if I could get one of your recumbent bikes ad part of a cycle to work scheme.

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