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I’ll admit it right from the start – I sell the StreetMachine GTe because I believe that it is the best production recumbent bike in the world. Period. There are faster race machines, but for everyday riding, commuting, touring, off-road riding, stunt jumping (don’t ask!), and generally having fun I haven’t found anything better. If I had to limit myself to only owning one bike, the StreetMachine GTe would be it.

So why is it so good? Firstly, the full suspension is excellent. On a recumbent you don’t bounce up and down like you do on an upright bike, and the suspension is carefully designed to be completely unaffected by your pedalling. Because of this, you can set the suspension to be quite soft, so it is very plush and comfortable.

The StreetMachine GTe seat is also very good – wide and comfortable, but very supportive and you can push hard against it for lots of power when you need it. Luggage space is excellent, and you can fit four large panniers to the rear rack and optional underseat carrier.

Several of these pictures show the optional Streamer front fairing. The Streamer is great for keeping you drier and warmer in winter, and fit in seconds so you can remove it easily if you wish. It even folds up for storage! The Streamer can be fitted to almost any short-wheelbase recumbent.

Componentry is all very good – very powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, 27-speed TripleShift hub/derailleur gears and aero-section rims. And that’s only the base model! You can choose a StreetMachine custom-built form a wide choice of components and options – have a look at the price list for more details.

To order, you can specify all the options on the HPVelotechnik Configurator – then enter the configuration number on our Configurator Order Form, and I’ll get things under way. The build time is usually around 4-5 weeks.

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  1. Fascinated by this machine. Can you electrify the Streetmachine ? The reason I ask is that I am now 91 and for ever a keen cyclist until i gave up when 88. As I finished driving at 90 I no longer have the power or facility of personal transport and would love to give it a try. If you could electrify it what would it add to the price and what on average would be the range ?

    1. Yes, it can have the Neodrives electric assist, for €2900 – that’s a 500Wh battery, which would give 20-40 miles range.

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