Neatwork Brochure

Neatwork Brochure 2, originally uploaded by Ben Cooper.

Also in the stack of old brochures I found was this Neatwork brochure. Neatwork were one of the very first reumbent companies, based in Coldstream in the Scottish Borders, and they had a really fun weekend event every year with pub crawls by bike, trips around the countryside, the chance to try out lots of expensive toys, and camping by the river.

Unfortunately they were too ahead of their time, and went bust more than a decade ago. As have, unfortunately, every manufacturer on this brochure 😉

(Well, Kingcycle didn’t go bust, but they quit making bikes a long time ago)

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  1. Shame you didn’t consult Ben as we are still here. Not bust. and you’ve missed quite a lot of the leaflet which can be found on our website . On the other hand your remarks are often accurate. Peter Clark made a very good anlaysis of Neatwork. Something to send you scurrying about if you are really intereeted. A much more perceptive analysis.
    Thanks for the heads up Sandy Watson

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