Me on TV…

The Adventure Show on BBC2 Scotland tomorrow (Sunday) at 6pm – it’s the segment we filmed a few months ago on folding bikes…

Edit: it’s now on the BBC iPlayer site, about 20 minutes in.

The Adventure Show on Radio Scotland

I’ve just found out that the segment we recorded was broadcast last Saturday – so if you want to hear me talking far too fast about folding bikes, you can listen again on the BBC website. The clip is about 22 minutes in.

That link will only work for a while, though, so I’ve downloaded the relevant 3 minutes as an MP3

We also filmed for the TV version of the Adventure Show – no idea when (or if) that’s being broadcast yet.

Filming for the BBC…

The Glamour of Television, originally uploaded by Ben Cooper.

Last weekend, we were up in the Cairngorms, filming a folding bike segment for the BBC’s Adventure Show – it was a lot of fun, actually, playing with a Brompton, Birdy, Airnimal Chameleon, and Dahon Cadenza (converted to be a MTB) in the rain.

It’s probably going to air in the December show.