Brompton Belt Drive


A belt-drive system can now be ordered with any Kinetics rear gearing – belt drives need no lubrication and are very durable. This system folds just like the chain drive system.

The belt upgrade has to be ordered with a custom bike or rear gearing kit as it uses a different belt-compatible rear triangle – the kit also includes front and rear cogs, the belt itself, and a special tensioner. I’ve standardised on these gear combinations:

  • 22/60 for Alfine, a bit lower geared than usual, giving gearing of 23.5″ to 95.5″* with the 11-speed.
  • 19/70 for Rohloff, this is lower geared than usual, giving gearing of 17″ to 89″*.

Belt Drive Upgrade: £395 – Add To Cart

Important: this is not a stand-alone kit, it is only an upgrade when you order a Rohloff, Alfine or Nuvinci kit.

*on standard 16″ wheels, 18″ or 20″ wheels will gear this up proportionately.